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Recession talk, a redux

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Last time Fixed Income Strategist Ellis Phifer and Head of Investment Strategy Nadeem Kassam were on the podcast (end of June) we discussed the dreaded ‘r’ word. In this episode we discuss markets and the economy since then, and if their views have evolved. Discussion includes:

  • Big picture overview for the global economy – Where are we today, where do we go from here?
  • July CPI numbers came in lower than expected (for July) … Thoughts on inflation going forward.
  • Coupled with the decline we have seen in commodities, what does this mean for your rate expectations for the Fed/BoC? Are we in the clear?
    • What market season are we in? Early-/mid-/late- WINTER?
  • Some risks on the horizon that markets aren’t pricing in or talking less about.
  • Ideas on portfolio positioning heading into year-end within their equity/bond portfolios.

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